Kalyandurg Hospital

Kalyandurg hospital has made great strides in transforming the quality of healthcare accessible to the residents in and around Kalyandurg, and improving their approach towards health in general.


Neonatology & Paediatrics

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Internal Medicine


Today, the hospital staff has expanded to 4 Pediatricians, 7 Gynecologists, 1 Anesthesiologist, 12 Junior Doctors, 80 Staff Nurses, 25 Auxiliary Nurse Midwives (ANM), 15 Lab Technicians, 7 Pharmacists, 23 Assistants and helpers, 2 Medico Social Workers, 8 Administration and 78 Supportive staff. The hospital caters to the healthcare needs of 13 Mandals, 354 villages, and about a population of approximately 2.5 lakh people.

““If we join hands, we will transform this world.”
Vicente Ferrer,
Founder - RDT

At RDT, every disease is looked at and treated in a systematic manner with protocols and tracking. Catering to a largely poor community, it is also the key to improve people’s awareness to ensure timely identification of diseases, and enable faster access of treatment by the villagers.

Continuous follow-up care is given to those patients who are referred to higher centres for chronic diseases. Obstetrics and Gynecology is a department where patient education is especially important. Mothers are trained by nurses in the various good practices to make them capable of managing their own, and other mothers’/infants’ immediate needs. The hospital has also had a centralised supply of Liquid Oxygen installed for all its wards to ensure regularised and efficient oxygen supply to its patients.

Continuous paramedical training of field health workers and counseling of people has reduced the workload of doctors and nurses. Medical professionals from Spain visit the hospital to give voluntary services to improve the quality care of the hospital, and it is one of the reputed centres for laparoscopic & vaginal surgeries in the district.



Bathapalli ED

Development is a slow process, and from a majority of deliveries being home-based we have now reached a situation where the majority of deliveries are institution-based.


RDT is making tremendous efforts in bettering preventive care, by collecting medical data, training people about health and hygiene, and conducting methodical followups with patients.


Envisioning sustainable growth

RDT understands that each patient is different from the other, and needs personalised care. The health care team at the hospital works in coordination with patients to have a better idea of their medical condition. They are closely monitored for treatment and improvement.

With modern facilities and infrastructure and its existing base of trained health care staff, the hospital is working tirelessly to meet the needs of people in Kalyandurg and nearby villages. The hospital is presently seeing a rise in the number of complicated cases that need special attention and higher-level intervention. To serve these patients better and fulfill their expectations, the hospital needs to expand further, introduce its own ICU and have more committed doctors who join hands with RDT in achieving its objectives and vision.

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