* The above examples are for descriptive purposes only. They indicate the impact that your donation can bring about in the lives of entire families. RDT will allocate resources to areas where the need is more urgent due to the COVID-19 outbreak

Fund Allocation

It is the compassion and courage of the people who are contributing to Seva Hundi, which gives me immense hope for the children whose lives are incomplete without their parents, yet they are receiving love and care from the society through their financial contributions. As this special program of supporting orphan children is running in the third year, we look forward with surging hope that many more children can pursue their dreams. With this initiative, RDT hopes to give the country progressive leaders for tomorrow.

Area Team Leader,Uravakonda

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the payment process secure?

Your information is completely secure. Once you have submitted the information the data is transferred to our payment service provider and processed.

How does this work?
Once you have submitted your information your payment will be processed by our secure payment processing service. One time donations through cheques will be processed on the next working day of receipt of the pledge form. In case of monthly donations, your first donation will be processed immediately. Whereas, the subsequent monthly donations will be processed between 10th and 15th of each month.
Do I get a receipt?

For one-time donation, an acknowledgement will be sent inmediately and a receipt-cum-Tax Exemption Certificate will be sent in the firth month of the following financial year. For regular monthly donations, it will be sent in the firth month of the following financial year.

What are the tax benefits of donating to RDT?

All donations made to Rural Development Trust are exempted under section 80G of the Income Tax Act. This means that 50% of your donation amount is eligible for tax exemption. Please use the RDT Tax Exemption Receipt to claim this exemption when filing your Income Tax returns. The existing 80G certificate of RDT is perpetual.

How do I cancel a monthly donation?

You can choose to stop your monthly contribution anytime you wish. To do so, contact the Resource Mobilisation Office at the e-mail at isupport@rdt.co.in.

Can I make a donation from abroad?

No. Our online payment only supports transactions within India. You may choose to donate to any of our global partners: Fundación Vicente Ferrer (Spain) , Vicente Ferrer Foundation USA  or Friends of RDT (UK) .