The art of working together for a cause

RDT staff and managers make a diverse group of nearly 2,400 locals who manage the work across various sectors, covering 3,600 villages and reaching out to more than 3,6 million people.


RDT’s Senior Core Team is the policy and decision-making body at the highest level of the organization. It is comprised of the 23 sector and regional directors and is chaired by the Executive Director. The Core Team has been meeting monthly over more than 25 years.

Anne Ferrer

Co-founder and current Executive Director of RDT. She has over four decades of experience in the development sector. She has more than four decades of experience in NGO management, development leadership, strategic management and gender issues.

Core Team

RDT’s Core Team is responsible of initiating and reviewing programs and projects across the organization. It constitutes regional directors, area team leaders (in charge of implementing the programs in 75-100 villages) and it is chaired by the Program Director. The Core Team meets monthly at each area headquarters on a rotation basis.

Moncho Ferrer

Programme Director of RDT. He takes a lead role in programme execution, expansion, collaboration with the government.

Women Core Team

The Women Core Team is formed by senior women staff members from all departments and cadres within RDT and is led by Women Sector Director Mrs. Doreen Reddy (40 members). It aims at:

  1. Creating a space for women staff members to express freely their problems related to gender at work and home in order to be able to deal the issues.
  2. Improving the competence and work performance of women staff through trainings and regular follow up.
  3. Influencing area teams to improve the participation and involvement of women in all program activities.
  4. Incorporating gender approach in all activities.
  5. Tackling individual cases of discrimination.