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Responsible ones are the favourable ones. You’ll sustain yourselves better by supporting others.

For a long time, RDT has been supported by generous corporate partners who help thousand fulfil their dreams of a better life and to pull many others out of extreme poverty.

Sponsoring essential Hospital equipments-

Advanced medical research has lead to the invention of many healthcare devices and machinery that can be used to provide quality medical care and treatment. Having such equipment in hospitals is extremely important and therefore, one of the ways that corporates can come forward for help is by sponsoring these equipments.


Considering the changing needs of the patients and discoveries of new diseases and their treatments, these requirements will change from time to time thereby, requiring us to have flexibility to add new equipment list with proper proposal as and when things are required. E-mail us at or call 09849548910 for more information

Sponsoring ambulances

We all know that the difference between life and death can be as small as a minute or may be even less. Time and again it has been noticed that a precious life could have been saved only if an ambulance would have reached to the patient on time. To cater to the needs of the ever increasing population requiring urgent medical care and a swift passage to the hospital, it is always beneficial to have a good number of ambulances ready for action. Corporates are encouraged to explore this option for supporting RDT which can save many lives for years to come. Since requirements can change from time to time, we would need flexibility to add new ambulance requirement with updated quotations along with a proper proposal as and when things are required. To save more precious lives across India, E-mail us at or call 09849548910.

Constructing supplementary school cum community center

With ever reducing space for infrastructure and sky-rocketing construction costs, the need for multi-purpose infrastructure in the present day is much more than ever. One of RDT’s unique and very successful concepts is the construction of supplementary schools cum community centres. During the day, the buildings are used as supplementary schools to provide training and education to poor children and in the evenings, the building is used for community related activities like meetings, forum discussions, functions etc. Corporates interested in supporting RDT with this are requested to send an E-mail at or call 09849548910.

Scholarship funding

It is an unquestionable fact that India is a land of budding talent with many exceptionally bright individuals coming from economically weak sections of society. Corporates can help meritorious students from challenging financial backgrounds by supporting their education at all levels- school to university. Want to know how you can do that, send us an E-mail at or call 09849548910.

Constructing toilets at Schools and colleges

A shocking fact emerged from the 2015 report of the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) that 52.1% of the rural population in India practices open defecation, which even includes a lot of women. Not just residences, even public buildings like schools, colleges and community centres lack such a basic necessity in a lot of rural areas in India. Corporates can play a major role in freeing the country from this social evil by supporting RDT in building toilets at schools and colleges. Not only will this help maintaining a hygienic environment in villages, it will also save thousands of children- especially girls, from the humiliation they face every day while defecating in the open. E-mail us at or call 09849548910 to make India free of social defecation.

Payroll giving with your staff

Encouraging the continuous flow of goodwill, the staff members who are willing to make a regular contribution, no matter how small, towards benefitting the poor can be facilitated by having a specified monthly/quarterly/annual contribution automatically made to RDT by the company on their behalf. The company can donate the collected amount to RDT on a monthly, quarterly, biannual or annual basis. To explore more about this option, E-mail us at or call 09849548910.

Promote SevaHundi program

RDT’s SEVA HUNDI programme- a unique initiative in which poor help the poor has collected over 4 crores for the education of underprivileged children in the past year that too, from the poorest localities of Andhra Pradesh. Imagine what can happen, when decently paid professionals contribute towards these causes. By encouraging your staff members to participate in the SevaHundi movement- keeping a Hundi in your office or motivating employees to start one at home, corporates eradicate all monetary limitations and allow them to gain satisfaction by contributing whatever little they want and at whatever time frames they prefer. To know more about how you can start a SEVA HUNDI, E-mail us at or call 09849548910.

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