Occupational mobility through Vocational Training

In tandem with creating savings and credit routes, RDT’s Women Programme undertakes vocational training for a number of trades to expand women’s skills.

RDT runs various Vocational Training Centres (VTCs) where women are trained and employed in the following skills: tailoring, embroidery, incense stick making, sanitary napkins and kalamkari.

RDT provides raw materials, assists in maintaining and expanding a marketing network to facilitate the creation of small-scale business and make self-employment viable for women.

Vocational Training Centre, Gandlapenta

Due to a severe drought situation, RDT observed high rates of migration from the areas of Gandlapenta and Nambulapulakunta, in the Ananthapuram district, to bigger cities.

Migration increases women vulnerability to fall into human trafficking. In 2006, RDT started a skill development centre at Gandlapenta to mitigate forced migration and socially reintegrate women who had fallen into trafficking networks.


“We identified and contacted women susceptible to migration due to economic compulsions. Before enrolling them for training in suitable trades of their interest, we understood their problems through counselling. On an average, 20 to 22 women are trained in each trade. They have also acquired entrepreneurial abilities.”

Mrs. Marriamman Reddy, RDT Staff, Vocational Training Centre (VTC), Gandlapenta


“When my husband left me and I was facing many problems, so I thought of escaping from life. I could not take any drastic decisions because I had two young children. I had no means to support them. I didn’t know how I would rebuild my life. I decided to return to my parents house in Sadulavandla Palli. It was a critical moment when I met RDT workers in the village who understood me and my plight. I visited RDT’s rehabilitation centre in Gandlapenta and received counselling. After becoming a member of a women group, I realised that I could work and earn independently if I acquire additional skills. I applied for training in making incense sticks at RDT skill development centre in Gandlapenta. There were also other women like me who were rejected or abused by their husbands but were now training and learning to be economically independent. Now, during agricultural seasons, I work in the fields. The rest of the time, I prepare incense sticks. I earn enough to support me and my children and feel contended that I could do something for ourselves.”

Ms. Bharathi, Sadulavandla Palli