The objective of the Women Sector is to promote gender equality across all areas of development.

To this end, RDT’s projects works towards particular targets:

  • Improving the socioeconomic status of women.
  • Promoting the access of women and girls to education.
  • Ensuring women’s access to professional and vocational training to create employment opportunities.
  • Combating violence towards women.
  • Publicizing the role of women as agents of change and social transformation.


Self-help groups & networks groups

Mini-banks and the Women Development Fund

Occupational mobility through vocational training

Sensitisation on discrimination and violence

“The betterment of society will not be possible as long as its women are powerless or marginalized. As caregivers to the next generation, women are the shapers of the community’s future. We work to help women break-down the constraints that have held them back for so long.”


Doreen Reddy, Women Sector Director


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