Where We Work

RDT’swork covers six districts of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, South India

For the past 40-plus years, RDT has been working unwearyingly to help extremely poor people live a dignified life and cover their basic needs.

RDT’s headquarters are located in Ananthapuram district, where the organisation has carried out most of its activities over its first decades of work. We have recently expanded our operations into new areas of the southern Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.




Ananthapuram is the southernmost district of the Rayalaseema region, located to the west of Andhra Pradesh.

This district is located in a rain-shadow region and receives an average annual rainfall of 522 mm, the second lowest in India.

Recurring droughts are a common phenomenon leading to farmer distress, migration and human trafficking.

Key indicators (Census 2011):


Total population: 40,81,148
Rural population: 29,35,437
Sex ratio: 977 women for every 1000 men
Population density: 213 persons per Sq. Km
Literacy rate: 63.57% (total), 14,29% (SC), 3,78 % (ST)




Kurnool is the gateway to the Rayalaseema region and the third largest district in Andhra Pradesh.

As in Ananthapuram, monsoons in the district of Kurnool often fail to develop, prompting depleted groundwater levels and decreased yields and ultimately resulting in crop failure.

The steady migration of people from villages in the district between January and June has also become patent. During this period, they abandon their homes, leaving the elderly behind.

Key indicators (Census 2011):


Total population: 40,53,463
Rural population: 29,04,177
Sex ratio: 988/1000
Population density: 230 persons per Sq. Km
Literacy rate: 59.97% (total), 18.21% (SC), 2.04% (ST)




RDT works with Chenchu families, one of the primitive aboriginal tribes inhabiting the Nallamala Hills in the districts of Kurnool, Prakasam, Guntur (Andhra Pradesh), Mahabubnagar, and Nalgonda (Telangana).

The members of the Chenchu tribes have traditionally lived of hunting and gathering forest goods. Of the 32 tribes in Andhra Pradesh, the Chenchus are the most underprivileged and live in extreme poverty.

RDT, together with other grassroots organizations, supports and complements governmental programmes to improve the Chenchus’ quality of life.