Ophthalmology/ Cataract Surgeries

RDT’s objective is to provide early detection of vision problems, treat those found early, and achieve a cataract-free populace in its surrounding areas.

People are educated to visit the hospital whenever they suspect a potential problem with their eyesight or are undergoing any kind of trauma. Minor problems like redness, discharge, or small injury are treated in the hospital, and spectacles are also provided at a 25% rebate.

A comprehensive eye exam is conducted for every patient to screen for cataracts, thereby ensuring early-detection, and avoiding needless trauma. Cataract surgeries with pre/post-surgical care, if needed, are provided free-of-cost. Ophthalmic screening camps are also performed once in a month in off-site locations organised by RDT, aside from which surgeries are carried out once a month at the hospital. Approximately 15-20 surgeries are done per camp. Intraocular lens implants are also carried out in the OPD, in cases of cataract or myopia. High-risk patients are referred as needed to other RDT or city hospitals.

I am associated with this hospital for the past 15 years, and the service they are doing the people of this area is immeasurable. From having virtually no eye-care facilities, to having easy access to low-cost, high quality vision care is such a blessing for them. Awareness of good eye-care has also improved so much because of the work of the Ophthalmology staff.

Dr. Bayyapa Reddy, MBBS, DO (Ophthalmic Surgeon)

  • Operation Theatre
  • Intraocular Lenses
  • Vision Testing Equipment
  • 1 Ophthalmic assistant
  • 1 Nurse cum Auxiliary Nurse
  • Midwife (ANM)