Maternity Care

RDT is committed to delivering healthy babies and extends vital care to mothers during pregnancy and after delivery. Experienced Gynaecologists from RDT’s Kalyandurg hospital visit Kanekal regularly. In all interactions with expectant mothers, doctors and the staff continually stress on the need for regular antenatal check-ups and a safe, hygienic delivery. Electronic Foetal Monitor (EFM) readings are taken throughout an expecting mother’s term to track the development of the foetus. And upon discharge from the hospital, new mothers are counselled about the importance of Breast Feeding, Contraceptive Methods, Hygiene, Usage of Medication, and the importance of Immunisation for babies. Women from the nearby areas who have undergone Caesarean Deliveries, are also shifted Post-Delivery, to Kanekal hospital for further care and follow-up.


85 Out-patients seen in a day

  • Foetal Monitors
  • Delivery Tables
  • Radiant Warmer
  • Ultrasound Scan Machine
  • Nursing Staff – 07
  • ANMs – 01