For the comfort of the patient undergoing surgery, Anaesthesia is a must. A trained Anaesthesiologist assists doctors right from the beginning till the end of a surgery.

This includes Pre-anaesthesia Check-up (Pre-operative), Consulting with the Surgical Team, Intra-operative Management, Administering General and Regional Anaesthesia, Mechanical Ventilator-support for Critical Patients, Monitoring Anaesthesia Care for Critical Patients during Transportation, and Supervising Care after Surgery (Post-operative).

The hospital has a dedicated pain management team to manage chronic pain (conservative and interventional) and relieve patients from their suffering. The team takes care of the patients who visit the Orthopaedics and OB/GYN departments as well.

Pain Clinic

Started in May 2014, the purpose of this weekly clinic is to focus on diagnosis and management of chronic pain. All kinds of pain interventions are managed in the pain clinic. Effective management of chronic pain frequently requires coordinated efforts of the pain management team.

It also includes communication with the patient to understand the severity, location, and trigger factors of pain. Patients to the clinic are counselled and offered interventional pain management for chronic osteo-arthritic pains, lower back issues and sports injuries.

C.B.R. Orthopaedics

The Orthopaedics clinic was started with guidance and support from Spanish doctors to better enable the Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) sector in the work they did for Persons with Disabilities.

The services of RDT Hospitals includes Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Surgeries like Knee Procedures, Tendon Lengthening, ETA, etc. Spanish doctors visit Ananthapuram one month every year between August and September and work in conjunction with RDT’s medical team in treating children with Club-Foot and on other Orthopaedic Procedures.

Post-surgery, the patients and their families are given counselling about the appropriate follow-up and post-OP visits are then made by the CBR team to track their progress.

  • Anaesthesiologist – 1
  • Nurses – 8
  • O.T. Technicians – 3
  • 2 fully-equipped Operation Theatres
  • Modern Anaesthesia DatexOhmeda work stations – Astiva and Aspire
  • Multi-parameter monitors
  • 2-bedded recovery room
  • Controlled digital drug delivery systems
  • Crash trolley with Defibrillator to manage emergencies
  • Regional, Spinal, Epidural and General Anaesthesia
  • Labour Analgesia
  • Ventilator Support of Critical Patients
  • Basic and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (BLS & ACLS)
  • Intra-Articular Steroids
  • Trigger Point Injections
What We Are Looking For..

An experienced or fresher Anaesthesiologist with an MD, DNB, or DA degree