Family Planning Centre

The Government of India has a robust Family Planning programme with which RDT has been associated since June 1988. In 2002, an exclusive facility was set up at Ananthapuram in association with the Government of Andhra Pradesh, with a vision to promote family planning measures.

In the beginning, only conventional sterilisations were done, but over time RDT felt the need to switch to modern and advanced sterilisation methods in order to provide best quality medical care to the needy. Doctors also started performing Laparoscopic Tubectomies in the clinics, which is a permanent birth control solution for women.

Couple counselling sessions are held in the hospital for educating the rural people about the advantages of having a small and healthy family. CHWs and HOs visit the villagers for counselling them about family planning measures.

  • 30 bedded ward
  • Laboratory facility
  • 2 Operation Theatres
  • Central sterilisation supply