As Bathalapalli and nearby rural areas did not have any medical centres where people can visit any time, the Emergency department at the hospital was started in 2000, well-equipped to provide patient stabilisation aid in critical conditions. In 2012, an emergency observation room and a separate emergency medicine department were formed with a dedicated team of doctors and nurses.

By 2013, the department was fully capable of on-site admissions, intermediate care, and short stays. Due to uncertainty of the nature of medical emergency, the requirement is to provide initial treatment for a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries, some of which may be life threatening and require immediate attention. The department offers 24×7 medical care and doctors and nurses are continually trained and kept updated as per the latest protocols to provide the best possible emergency care to patients.

Cases of Hair-dye Poisoning and Other Poisonings, Suicide Attempt Cases, Snake Bites and Scorpion Stings, Road Accident Victims, Respiratory and Cardiac Emergencies, Hypertension and Diabetics Emergencies, etc. are all attended in the Emergency Department.

  • Clinical evaluation & Triaging
  • Emergency Echography Life Support and Mechanical Ventilation
  • Emergency Tracheostomy
  • Emergency Intercostal drainage
  • 7-bedded Emergency Department
  • 6-bedded Intermediate Treatment Unit
  • Observation room
  • Family Medicine Plus Fellowship In Emergency Medicine -1
  • Doctors – 4
  • Nurses – 16
  • Incharge Nurse– 1
  • Social Worker – 1

We are looking for…

  • We need MBBS / Emergency Doctors who have experience and knowledge in emergency protocols