Initially, before a full-edged Dentistry Department was begun, only Dental Camps were conducted in surrounding rural areas to check villagers’ oral health problems. RDT’s doctors felt the need to centrally treat dental issues owing to the general low levels of awareness regarding dental health, giving rise to huge number of dental issues. In answer to which RDT added a Dental Department in Bathalapalli hospital in September 2015.

Treatment for Orthodontic Procedures is sponsored by the organisation. Free Dental Camps are conducted every August with the help of Spanish volunteers and almost 200 patients are treated in a day.


A daily average of 20-23 out-patients treated

  • Extractions, Scaling, Fillings, Root Canal Treatments
  • Treating Various Oral Infections
  • Replacing Fixed & Removable
  • Prostheses, and Complete
  • Dentures
  • Dental Chair
  • Digital Intraoral X-ray Facility
  • Standard Air Compressor
  • High Vacuum Suction for Surgeries
  • Endomotor with Apex Locator for Root Canal Treatments
  • Standard Autoclave for Proper Sterilisation of Instruments
  • Led Scalar and all other accessories