Critical Care (ICU)

Critical care services in Bathalapalli hospital were initially started in 2002 as part of Department of Anaesthesiology. The addition of state-of-theart infrastructure, improved decision-making and an increased depth of knowledge and technical skills in understanding and managing critically
ill patients led to it being delineated as a separate department later. The ICU provides effective, quality-intensive care to extremely poor and underprivileged patients with life-threatening injuries and illnesses in and around Ananthapuram.

Some of the regular conditions treated here include:

  • Deliberate self-harm attempts: This is a common occurrence particularly among young adults; admissions of attempted suicide cases are fairly regular at Bathalapalli hospital e.g. deliberately swallowing Pesticides or Hair-Dye with suicidal intention.
  • Bites and stings: This being a rural agricultural community, many people get bitten/stung regularly, and quite a few develop complications, enough to require specialised care and hospitalisation e.g. various snake bite envenomation and scorpion stings.
  • Pregnancy-related complications: Lack of proper Antenatal care Poor Nutrition, Anaemia lead to various Gestational and Delivery issues or even Septic Abortions. Many deliveries also involve complications such as Eclampsia, major Haemorrhages, Cardiomyopathy, etc.
  • Post-operative care: Major surgeries which require Post-operative Ventilation, Total Parenteral Nutrition, Haemodynamic Monitoring etc.
  • Tropical Fevers: Particularly mosquito borne diseases among rural poor, e.g. Malaria and Dengue Fevers

There is a separate counselling room for patients’ families where doctors explain them about how to cope with stress effectively. Clinical progress & the disease prognosis are also explained to them in detail. All the ICU management protocols are constantly reviewed and revised based on National & International Guidelines and patients’ needs, which helps in reducing the ICU mortality rate. There is a separate Code Blue, Rapid Response team of 1 Doctor and 1 Nurse which responds to critical events (Cardiac Arrest, etc.) in any part of the hospital 24/7. The team also runs periodic checks (monthly) of the emergency equipment (Airway Management Set/Resuscitation Drugs, etc.) in various wards.

  • Advanced Airway Management (including fibre-optic Intubations)
  • Mechanical Ventilation (including Prone Position Ventilation)
  • Central Venous and Arterial line insertions (including USG guided CVC placements)
  • Critical care Haemodialysis (including SLED)
  • Intercostal drainage insertion
  • 2D echo (FATE) for Diagnosing clinical conditions and also Hemodynamic monitoring.
  • Total Parenteral Nutrition
  • Tracheostomy (including Percutaneous)
  • Central Air-conditioning and 2
    Isolation rooms
  • For each Bed Multi-parameter
    patient monitors (both invasive
    and non-invasive)
  • Total of 5 Mechanical ventilators
  • 20 Controlled drug delivery systems
  • Crash trolley with defibrillator
  • ICU Haemodialysis unit

We are looking for…

  • Consultants with MD, DNB or Diploma in Anaesthesiology, General Medicine or Pulmonology and intensivists with critical care degree
  • Nursing staff with B.Sc. degree or GNM (General Nursing and Midwifery) diploma