RDT celebrates 50 years in Anantapur


RDT celebrates 50 years in Anantapur

In 2019, RDT is celebrating its 50 years of work and existence in Anantapur district. On 25th January, 1969, Vicente Ferrer, the founder of RDT entered Anantapur along with his wife Anne Ferrer and another volunteer with a strong determination to work for elimination of poverty and drought. He founded RDT and implemented many programs and projects with people as the main actors of their own development. Today they are living with Dignity, Change and Equality. The logo of 50 years celebrations was released by RDT in the first week of January 2019.RDT has also released a special calendar of 2019.



A special Diary for all the staff members of RDT was released on 19th January by Mrs. Anne Ferrer, the Co-Founder and Executive Director of RDT. The Diary contains the highlights of RDT’s journey with the people in the last 50 years. Reflections from persons of all ages and walks of life, who journeyed with RDT on their path to development, are also printed in the Diary. To present as memoirs to all the well wishers of RDT, magnates were also released.



Flexis with an invitation to the people to join in 50 years celebrations were also put up in all campuses of RDT throughout the 8 districts where RDT is working. All RDT’s vehicles are carrying special stickers with the logo of 50 years celebrations.


The postal department has released a postal envelope with the image of Vicente Ferrer to mark the celebration of RDT’s 50 years. This postal envelope was released by Anne Ferrer on 25th January 2019, at the conclusion of Anantapur Ultramarathon.