New Pain and Palliative Care Unit in Bathalapalli Hospital


New Pain and Palliative Care Unit in Bathalapalli Hospital

On 1st of June 2015 our ExDSC08361ecutive Director Sister Anne Ferrer has inaugurated the most needed and awaited Pain and Palliative Care Unit in RDT Hospital Bathalapalli, Ananthapuramu District, Andhra Pradesh, India. This is an initiative with 4 beds and a simple, comprehensive Pain and Palliative Care for those chronic patients where cure is not possible. There is an end for Cure but there is no end for care.

There are manPalliativeCarey patients who have reached the end stage of cancer treatment but who must be helped for the rest of the days to live without pain and suffering. There are also many patients with chronic pain for whom it is not possible to find a cure but who must be treated empathetically to live their life as freely as possible from pain and suffering.

Aims and Objectives:

Our aims is to relieve and prevent suffering holistically by treating pain and other distressing symptoms and by providing honest information as well as emotional, psycho social and spiritual support.

There is no intent to either hasten patients death or artificially lengthen the dying process.

Palliative care affirms life and regards dying as a normal process. It offers a support system to help the patient bond with the family during illness, to have a better quality of life and includes bereavement counselling, if indicated.

  1. Active total care applicable from the time when curative care is no longer possible in any life threatening chronic patients.
  2. Improving quality of life of the patient and his/her family facing serious life limiting distress.
  3. Awareness about the knowledge of the illness, course of the illness and out come
  4. Assessment and management of pain and other symptoms
  5. Nursing, Medication and would management
  6. Psycho social support for the patient and family
  7. Counselling
  8. Bereavement care
  9. Home care

Palliative2RDT Hospital Bathalapalli now has this small 4 bedded pain and palliative Care unit headed by Dr.S.M.Kannan and 4 nurses with one house keeping staff as a team.