New lives through new skills

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New lives through new skills

– Skills training is the way to progress for persons with disabilities (PWD)

Since 1996, RDT ran primary schools and later secondary schools for children with visual and hearing impairments. The physically disabled children studied in their own villages and completed secondary education. As every new development brings a new problem, we noticed that the number of unemployed young men and women with disabilities in the villages is on the increase. It was then that RDT decided that we could send them to cities to learn new skills like soft skills, personality development, cash based management skills, small businesses, modern technical skills, computer skills, communication skills, beautician and interior decoration courses, technical assistance, gardening, hospitality etc. There are a number of institutes which provide these skills and courses in Hyderabad and Bengaluru. So far 402 youth completed various courses (of 3 to 6 months duration) and 212 are employed. They are earning on average Rs. 12,000 per month. Having seen these developments, more PWD youth are coming forward to take these courses. Let us listen to Nagaraju about his story:

“I am Nagaraju, aged 26 from Rudrampalli village of Kundurpi Mandal. When I was 1 year old, I was polio affected. I managed to study up to Intermediate but had to stop there due to poor family economic condition. I tried for some job but did not succeed. Then I got the opportunity to do a 3 months training in business processing outsources course, and courses in communication skills, customer relationship skills, soft skills and work culture course. Following that, I got the job of a business promoter in D.G. call center in Bengaluru. I earn Rs. 11,000 per month. My wife works in a textile shop and earns Rs. 7,500 per month. We are planning to give good education to our daughter. We are a happy family now.”