Life saving medical facility

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Life saving medical facility

Excessive post- natal bleeding is one of the primary causes of maternal deaths in our country. Approximately, 68,500 mothers are dying for this very reason. That is 99% of maternal deaths. If one of those mothers is HIV positive, the situation can be terrible.

One such mother (we cannot reveal her name for obvious reasons) came to RDT hospital at Bathalapalli after 40 weeks of pregnancy. She was a primy. There was every chance of a risk delivery. More so because no doctor ever examined her during those 40 weeks. Fortunately, the delivery was normal and the baby was safe. But her real suffering started after that. There was continuous bleeding from the uterus. It was very difficult to control it. She became unconscious and struggled to breathe. Blood pressure fell drastically. Then she was given oxygen, platelets, vitamin K and a necessary acid. She was shifted to ICU. She regained consciousness but was still in a drowsy state and continued to struggle breathing. An apparatus that supports the heart was arranged and artificial breath was provided through ventilator. Antibiotics were also given. All other services normally provided in an ICU were given to her. After fighting with death for 3 days, she ultimately came alive to the relief of doctors and medical staff.

To prevent such dangers, every pregnant woman must have monthly medical checkups. More importantly, should not hurry home soon after delivery because real danger lurks after delivery. Therefore mothers, their families, doctors and hospitals must always be on the alert.