Through nutrition centres, RDT provides supplementary nutritional meals for children, women, and the most vulnerable.

In 2000, RDT initiated a specific project that covers people with the following criteria:

  • Children in the age group of 0-4 years.
  • Pregnant women and recent mothers.
  • Aged persons not having any family support.
  • Children or adults suffering from chronic health problems such as tuberculosis or HIV/AIDS.


Community Health Workers (CHWs) coordinate the implementation of project in their villages and conduct periodic surveys to identify eligible persons. In villages where there are no CHWs, either the local CDC or self-help group of women conducts the survey and short-lists the eligible villagers and children.

They also record the weights of children & mothers once a month in sample locations on specific dates.


“From my early years until today, there has been a drastic reduction in the sheer numbers of extreme cases of nutritional problems. Babies and mothers were under-nourished, even mal-nourished – but in the villages where nutrition centres have been functional for a few years, drastic cases have been reduced significantly.”

Nagamma, Community Health Worker, Konapuram, Kanaganapalli