Awareness building

Awareness programmes aim at familiarising the population on health-related topics like hygiene, immunisation, communicable diseases, nutrition, women’s and reproductive health.

When the Rural Development Trust started working, the endemic health issues in Ananthapuram district were gastroenteritis, diarrhoea, severe under/malnutrition, gross anaemia (particularly in women) and unsupervised deliveries.

Health education also tackles wrong beliefs and superstitions passed through generations that lead to harmful practices and habits.

Pregnancy care

RDT staff gives awareness on family planning and reproductive healthcare, promoting institutional deliveries and antenatal check-ups. Nowadays, 90% of deliveries in Ananthapuram births happen in health facilities with qualified professionals.

Future mothers are given information about baby’s care and the importance of breast-feeding in the first six months of life.

Adolescent girls’ health

Anaemia is a serious problem among females in Ananthapuram district with rates as high as 53%. RDT organises workshops and counselling sessions targeting adolescent girls and young women to identify and prevent cases of low haemoglobin.

These workshops are also treated as an opportunity to counsel girls on personal hygiene, healthy dietary practices, the importance of education and the implications of early and consanguineous marriage.

General and communicable disease

RDT covers general health awareness regarding basic ailments or chronic diseases and its treatments. It also conducts awareness workshops and camps on HIV/AIDS. Besides informing people of the causes and preventive measures of the disease, counselors give emotional support and follow-up to affected patients.


“I conduct trainings and workshops for adolescent girls. We decided to start these workshops when we realised that there is a huge lack of awareness amongst young people about puberty and reproductive health, which can be dangerous for them in future.”

Syamala Dayanidhi, Health Organizer


“I belong to the Dalit community and had to drop my education after primary level, partly due to lack of support from my parents, and partly because of ill health. I was unable to take any kind of employment as I could not walk more than a few steps or hold something even for a while. My brother considered me a burden on the family and never took me to a doctor. A life changing moment occurred when RDT conducted a health workshop especially for adolescent girls. They took a blood test and I was diagnosed with severe anaemia. I was immediately admitted to RDT Bathalapalli Hospital, where I received blood transfusions and medicines.
Continuous monitoring and motivation by the health organizer improved my haemoglobin to reach a normal level. Now I help my mother with the household work and also earn a decent living.”

Ramadevi, Marthadu village, Mudigubba Mandal