‘Gram Swarajya’ with people’s participation

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‘Gram Swarajya’ with people’s participation

‘Gram Swarajya Nidhi’ is the brainchild of Father Vincent Ferrer. It was his vision that every poor community in a village should have a common fixed deposit in the bank according to the number of families in that community. As the deposit remains fixed, the annual interest on the deposit must be used every year for a purpose that is useful to the whole community as much as possible. So far 988 villages with a total of 65,395 families have such a deposit. That amounts to Rs. 130.80 crores. With facilitation from RDT village communities have been using it for different purposes like drinking water, electricity, roads, bathrooms, drainages, compound walls around school building etc.

The story of Chadam village:

Chadam village comprises 299 families of SC, BC & OC communities. The population is 1406. Earlier this village was ridden with clashes between different castes to the detriment of village development. However, Gram Swarajya Nidhi became a boon to them. Determined to put an end to disunity, the Grama Sabha came together in 2016 and decided that  a compound wall should be built around the community school building with the annual interest on ‘Gram Swarjya Nidhi’. They did not stop there. In the following years, they hired 4 water tankers to transport drinking water from outside the village for 105 days to survive the critical summer days. They spent Rs. 2,63,250 for this.  Similarly, the spent another Rs. 1,17,500 to provide 25 LED bulbs for street poles to dispel the darkness and thereby, the hatred in the village.