You have the power to change the world, realise the potential by championing the cause

There’s an old Chinese saying that- “A thousand mile journey, begins with a single step”. You, as an individual have the power to transform thousands of lives irrespective of where you are. Following are just a few ways you can raise funds for RDT and benefit the underprivileged.

Create a ‘Friends of RDT’ group

Being in the company of like-minded people signifies fun, carefreeness and above all- everlasting friendships. It is also these people who encourage us with the zeal and possibilities to change the world which indeed are limitless. By creating a ‘Friends of RDT’ group, you and your friends can be the single point of contact for information about RDT and its related programs; organise activities and events for fundraising and spread awareness.

Run for running programs

There is no dearth of good human beings in the world. Everyday, we come across people selflessly helping others in things like crossing the road, repairing a flat tyre, or with directions to a new place. Many of them want to move a step further and be associated with a cause but are not able to do so simply because of sheer unawareness. Organizing a run can be a great way to become that medium of spreading awareness and at the same time, raising funds for the variety of programmes that RDT runs to benefit the poor. It’s an easy way to get people from your college, society or office together not only to make them aware of the programmes but to also encourage them to contribute.

Food for Equality

Good culinary skills not only make people near you happy but can even be extremely useful in supporting the needy. If you are good at it, make some cake, biscuits, cookies or curry. If you are just beginning, start with the easy stuff like shakes or lemonade. Sell them across in your locality, school, college or office campus to raise funds for the poor and needy. It can also be a good platform to make people aware of RDT’s programmes and the numerous ways in which they can come forward to help.

Garage Sale

Many people can only dream of the life you are living right now. In the same way, there could be a lot of things at home which you probably haven’t used for long. Why not put those things on sale and support the homes of the less fortunate. Want to help even more? Get along with the people in your neighbourhood to pool in all the things that you don’t use and raise more for helping more. Not only will it shine someone’s life, it will also allow you to free your home from the unnecessary items occupying physical and mental space.

Skill funding

We all are blessed and skilled in some way or the other. Organise a class/classes about something that you are good at. It could be anything at all, right from cooking, creative writing, language, dramatics, music etc. and the fee from that can be used to support a range of  programmes for human well-being. Not only this, you can also encourage your students/participants to directly contribute towards the cause.

Volunteer to participate in the distribution of the Seva Hundi

A good way to encourage people to do something is by providing them with the means to do so. All you need to do is simply spread the information about the Seva Hundi initiative and help people setup a Hundi, by guiding them to register with us, and encourage them to keep collecting money in that throughout the year and then deposit the collection in the bank account to support our programmes.


In the Indian culture, there are many rituals which have become an indispensable part of our tradition with some of them, even centuries old. One of them is also the small amounts of money collected in temples and people’s homes as offerings to God.

Started in 2014, the concept of the India for India (i4i) programme was inspired by this ritual. RDT believes that a community no matter how poor will have the motivation to support other needy communities as they themselves have experienced poverty and the problems related to it. This has also been proved considering the kind of support we have received through the Hundis by far. In 2016, the Hundis collected over Rs. 4.08 crore from contributions that included even the most marginalised societies in and around Ananthapuram. Becoming a part of a major social change, hope for a better tomorrow and being able to contribute towards improvement of society with whatever little they have is what motivates individuals to set up and contribute to SevaHundis.

Individuals/group of individuals willing to support this program are simply required to get a Hundi& register it with RDT. They can deposit their preferred amounts in the Hundi on a daily basis or as and when it suits them. The HUNDI is then opened on Father Ferrer’s birthday- 9th April every year and the amount is deposited into an authorized RDT account for the benefit of a particular cause like- education, hospitals, women empowerment etc. and a new HUNDI is set up for the coming year.


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