The Professional School

The Professional School

RDT’s Professional School of Foreign Languages offers a one-year residential educational program to boost the employability of rural graduates from disadvantaged communities.

Foreign languages

The school, set up in 2012, aims to tackle the problems derived from the lack of access to quality higher education by strengthening language skills in English and teaching students a foreign language. The offer of foreign languages varies yearly, depending on market demands. Currently, students can choose amongst French, Spanish and German.

The school is associated with other institutes like the Goethe Institute, the Alliance Française and the Institute of Foreign Language and Culture (IFLAC) that issue language certificates following official examinations.

Soft skills

The academic program also includes communication skills, including job seeking advice, computer abilities and basic accounting.

Furthermore, teachers organise games, seminars and interactive discussions with alumni and visitors, from India and abroad, to help students expand their exposure and develop their personalities. They work as well on the importance of compassion, gender neutrality and fair play, values that go beyond the workplace.

Six-month English programme

In the academic year 2017-18, a new centre for girls opened in RDT’s campus in Bathalapalli that offers a six-month programme that works only on English language and soft skills.

In total, the project has three residential centres, two for girls and one for boys. All students are between 21 to 25 years of age and come from rural underprivileged communities.

Persons with disabilities

RDT encourages the enrolment of people with disabilities and collaborates with other non profit organisations to develop synergies with multinational companies to facilitate their employment.


“Students in this school are nurtured to become dynamic professionals in their respective fields with training in a foreign language.”

Geethanjali. V, Principal, Professional School of Foreign Languages


“I belong to a BC community and was brought up in poor living conditions. My father worked very hard to support our family and had to do extra labour work in Uravakonda town.

I studied in the Government schools and college, where my education was conducted free of cost and language medium was Telugu. I graduated in B. Com. In my village many would oppose to my education and advise my father to stop my education and get me married. But my parents were supportive and never stopped me from continuing my education.

However, our family and financial situation was getting worse as we were in debt. Despite having education, I was dependent on them. I could not get a job due to lack of communication skills and lack of fluency in English. One day, I met one of the staff at RDT who told me about the Professional School. That was my turning point.

I studied Spanish for a year and got a job as a Customer Service Translator for a multinational company in Pune, and then at Genpact Company in Hyderabad. My parents are immensely proud of me and I have the confidence to take on any challenge and rise to any level through my own hard work and competence.”

D. Jubeda Begum, Raketla village, Uravakonda Mandal