Education for Orphaned Children

Education for Orphaned Children

Through the Seva Hundi movement, RDT supports the education of orphaned children, the most vulnerable members of an already impoverished communities

Parentless village children live with their grandparents or relatives. All resources being tight, their education is in many occasions not a priority.

Thus, the Rural Development Trust began the task of admitting orphan children to schools, colleges, and professional degree courses. RDT covers their tuition fees (via direct disbursements to the institutes) and provides books, supplies and some pocket money.

Area Team Leaders monitor the study progress of all enrolled children, who also receive regular health check-ups by RDT Health Officers.

Identification of children

The selection of children is a concerted effort by grassroots RDT team members across various sectors. They identify children losing out on their education due to difficult circumstances. All cases are then referred to the competent Community Development Committee (CDC), who verifies and certifies the information provided.

Then, after the approval from the Education programme director, the child is included into the Seva Hundi/‘India for India’ recipients list.

The Seva Hundi movement

The Seva Hundi initiative was born in 2012 to exhort as many people as possible to donate very little amounts locally with the intention of pooling them annually and making a sizeable contribution to worthy causes.

So significant was the amount collected that RDT asked donors what it should do with the funds gathered. It was unanimously agreed upon that the amount be spent on educating orphaned children.


“It is the compassion and courage of the people who are contributing to Seva Hundi, which gives me immense hope for the children whose lives are incomplete without their parents, yet they are receiving love and care from the society through their financial contributions. As this special program of supporting orphan children is at its early stages, we look forward with surging hope that many more children can pursue their dreams.

Govindappa, Area Team Leader, Uravakonda


Vijay hails from Adiganipalli of Kanekal Mandal studying at class 7 in Sri Vidyanikethan. He lost his father as a young boy. During that time, his mother was expecting his sister. Unfortunately, he lost his mother soon after his sister’s birth. Thereafter, his grandmother took them into her care, despite of her old age and frail health. They didn’t have any property of their own and had to stay at other people’s mercy. Soon the situation worsened as his grandmother was finding it difficult to feed both of them. On recognizing the dire situation, RDT took the children under its shelter and explained to them the importance of education as well as RDT’s goals and purpose to support them. The organization soon got Vijay admitted to a good school and sponsored his sister’s education.