Converting RDT Primary Level Special Schools into Inclusive Schools

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Converting RDT Primary Level Special Schools into Inclusive Schools

~~ Paving the way for cohesion and social integration

Inclusive education is the education framework for including children with disabilities.  It was originally based on a principle that both children with and without disabilities should have the opportunity to learn together.  It seeks to address the learning needs of all children with a specific focus on those who are vulnerable to marginalization and exclusion.

Inclusive education results in improved social development and academic outcomes for all learners. It leads to the development of social skills and better social interactions because learners get exposed to real environment in which they have to interact with other learners each one having unique characteristics, interests and abilities.

RDT has gained experience in running high school for inclusive education from 2007-08 onwards. Hence, it has decided to convert 5-primary level schools providing special education for children with disabilities into inclusive schools at BK Samudram, Ananthapuram, Kanekal, Kuderu and Kadiri.  At present there are 142 children with visual disability and 217 with speech & hearing disability pursuing their special education in 5 primary level schools which would become inclusive schools with effect from ensuing academic year 2017-18.