To the rescue of a family in distress with a daughter affected by Thalassemia

Deevena is 13 years old and is studying 7th class. She is from Konakondla village near Guntakal. She is suffering from Thalassemia. Her father works in the stone crushing unit in the quarry. They took Deevena first to RDT hospital and they referred her to a hospital in Bengaluru. They were in the hospital from July to December in 2017. As the family members had to be with the girls, they could not go to work. That adversely affected family’s economic condition. RDT not only spent Rs. 10 Lakhs for her treatment but also has provided food grains and provisions to the family under family welfare program during Deevena’s months of hospitalization. Her treatment continues but not without hope.


New academic year 2017-18 begins also in the Professional Schools at Anantapur and BK Samudram

In addition to the professional schools of foreign languages already functioning at TV Tower, Anantapur and at BK Samudram, a brand new professional school was inaugurated at Bathalapalli on 9th August, 2017 by Sister Anne Ferrer, our Executive Director. This new school will teach advanced English, computers and soft skills. Candidates with graduation or post graduation in engineering or business administration or computer applications or B.Com (computers) or B.Sc (computers) from any recognized university are eligible to join this course. The School started with a fresh batch of 25 girls. Sister Anne Ferrer asked the students to utilize this golden opportunity and wished them success.

The new academic year 2017-18, started in the professional schools of foreign languages at TV Tower, Anantapur and at BK Samudram on the same day. The Anantapur campus is for boys and the BK Samudram campus is for girls. Totally 108 students (60 boys & 48 girls) are studying French or German or Spanish along with basics of computers and accounts. The foundation language is English. French is studied by 37 students, German by 37 and Spanish by 34.

Massive backyard coconut plantation on Father Ferrer’s death anniversary

A massive backyard coconut plantation was taken up by RDT’s Ecology sector on 19th June, 2017 to commemorate the 8th anniversary of Father Ferrer’s passing away.

As many as 3,98,412 coconut plants were planted in their backyards by 1,77,072 families in 1620 villages. Each family planted two contributing ten rupees for them. People vowed to water, protect and grow them until they become huge trees. All the villagers took out rallies shouting ‘Intinta chettu – Oorantha vanam’ meaning ‘A plant at every home makes the whole village a grove’.

Converting RDT Primary Level Special Schools into Inclusive Schools

~~ Paving the way for cohesion and social integration

Inclusive education is the education framework for including children with disabilities.  It was originally based on a principle that both children with and without disabilities should have the opportunity to learn together.  It seeks to address the learning needs of all children with a specific focus on those who are vulnerable to marginalization and exclusion.

Inclusive education results in improved social development and academic outcomes for all learners. It leads to the development of social skills and better social interactions because learners get exposed to real environment in which they have to interact with other learners each one having unique characteristics, interests and abilities.

RDT has gained experience in running high school for inclusive education from 2007-08 onwards. Hence, it has decided to convert 5-primary level schools providing special education for children with disabilities into inclusive schools at BK Samudram, Ananthapuram, Kanekal, Kuderu and Kadiri.  At present there are 142 children with visual disability and 217 with speech & hearing disability pursuing their special education in 5 primary level schools which would become inclusive schools with effect from ensuing academic year 2017-18.

Rural Development Trust (RDT) ~~ A helping hand to cope with the conditions of Drought in Ananthapuram District

Ananthapuram District is facing severe drought due to failure of monsoons in 2016. Only 284 mm of rainfall was received last year. It was estimated that over 42% of agriculture surface bores are dried and about 4.87 lakh people got migrated to other districts/cities. It was noticed that about 68% of the villages in the district have been water crisis during this summer season.

Keeping in view the gravity of the situation arising out of severe drought in the district RDT has been supplying drinking water through tankers in 250 villages where there is no accessibility to any kind of water sources. A total of 50,030 water tankers, each carrying 5000 litres of water will be supplied to people in these villages costing an amount of Rs.3, 95, 43,950. It is also supplying fodder (SAILAGE which is a preserved pasture/fodder or high moisture content fodder made from green crops) to an extent of 3244 tons to 4055 Milch cattle belonging to 2079 farmers @ Rs.2000 per ton (Rs.64,88,000).

RDT has been supplying 8000 litres of water per day in our village. All drinking water bores got dried up in our village and there is no access to other sources of water. People remember RDT for its right help at right time covering all communities in our village One of the members of CDC

A Dream Come True!!

RDT Hockey Academy for Girls winning the National Championship

One of the most memorable days imprinted in golden letters in the history of Ananthapuramu district hockey was when RDT Hockey Academy Girls won the National Championship in Hockey for under-19s by defeating Himachal Pradesh Team by 4-3.

RDT Hockey Academy team for GirlsIt is the first time that RDT academy for girls got entry and it is highly credible that they hoisted the victory flag. Even the Hockey Team representing AP State also didn’t win such title till date and it is wonderful that girls of RDT got this title in their first attempt which shows their mettle and indomitable courage in winning such a game of national repute.

There was a tie since both teams scored one goal each but in the penalty shootout RDT Academy Girls showed an edge over the opponent team, paving the way for victory. Mahalakshmi, Bharathi and Nalini hit one goal each. Prior to this game RDT Team registered a clean sweep victory against New Delhi team by 4-0 goals.

Bharathi got the title, ‘Best Player of the tournament’ while Geetha got the ‘Best player of the Match’. These two made exemplary performance from the very first game and they led the team for a landslide victory against those from metropolitan cities and major towns in different parts of India.

RDT Hockey Academy for GirlsThe academy got a cash award of Rs.25,000 and they received the trophy from the hands of Mr.Madan Mohan Chowhan, Secretary of Himachal Pradesh Gold Cup Hockey Society. The girls dedicated their victory to RDT for its support in training and sharpening their skills that helped them to compete with others at national level competition and keep up the good image of RDT. Mr.Moncho Ferrer, Program Director, Mr.Xavier, Sports Director, Mr.Chowdeswar, coach of RDT Sports Academy and Dr.Vijaya Babu, Secretary of Ananthapuramu District Hockey Association expressed their sense of happiness and congratulated the team for fulfilling their dreams.