About RDT

The Rural Development Trust (RDT) is a non-governmental organization committed to the progress of vulnerable and disadvantaged communities in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, in Southern India.

Since its inception in 1969, the organization has endeavoured to improve the quality of life of the rural poor, with a particular emphasis on women, children and people with disabilities. It has progressively implemented comprehensive development programmes involving all areas of development.

Today RDT conducts robust, well-entrenched projects designed to ensure access to quality education, primary and hospital health care, housing and basic services; to support the empowerment of women, people with disabilities and tribal communities, and to unleash the full potential of future generations through culture and sports.

RDT works in partnership with the communities, other grassroots organizations and the Government to provide long-term solutions that contribute to eradicating poverty and reducing inequalities.



Empowering rural communities in India and supporting them in their struggle to eradicate poverty, suffering and injustice.



A caring, just and equitable society.


Concern for the poor and needy

Work beyond duty

Reaching as many poor as possible

Pursuit of excellence in work

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