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Sports and Cultural Activities


Target community children and youth will develop and demonstrate quality cultural skills that enhance their self value and recognition in society and will help increase awareness among people on the key issues that contribute towards building a caring and just society

Cultural :

Learning cultural skills such as singing, dancing, playing instruments etc., will not only give an opportunity for children belonging to marginalized sections to bring out their hidden talents but also  getting a feeling of equality with others.  They are enacting the role of various Gods, Goddesses, kings and queens which were once confined to children of privileged sections.

RDT believes that education doesn’t mean only studies but should be holistic covering sports and cultural activities.  Across years children from Ananthapuram and Kurnool districts have participated in various cultural festivals not only at Mandal and District level but also at State and National level and won many prizes and awards.

Highlights of Cultural Sector-2013-14:

  • G.Sailaja, he first dance student sponsored by successfully completed NATYAPRAVEENA, a diploma in BHARATA NATYAM.
  • 8 old students of music contributed an amount of Rs.3385 which they saved in HUNDIS for India for India Program
  • 20 young women won in Group Dance at State level youth festival and they represented Andhra Pradesh State in the National Youth Festival in Ludhiana, Punjab.
  • 120 special cultural schools are started in 2013-14 and about 35-40 children are undergoing training in various cultural activities.  Intensive training is given to children by cultural organizer under the overall guidance and support of cultural director and sector team leader.
  • Annual Days were performed at 8 CBR Centres.  Children with HIV from two orphanage centres also joined these celebrations at Kanekal and Bhathalapalli.
  • On 1 November 2013 children from Bhathalapalli exhibited group dance on the eve of Andhra Pradesh Formation Day Celebrations at Police Parade Grounds in Ananthapuram.  Similarly children from BK Samudram with their colourful group dance took part in Republic Day Celebrations on 26th January in the same grounds.
  • Central Cultural Festival which is conducted once in 2-years was held during June 2013.  More than 150 able-bodied and children with disabilities also took part in it.
  • 42-Visually challenged children undergoing training in Key Board, Tabala, Dholak, Drums, Dappu and Kanjeera in two primary level schools located at Kadiri and BK Samudram and in the high school for inclusive education.
  • 206 children with speech & hearing impairment in 4 primary level and 1 high school for hearing impairment are being taught KUCHIPUDI and BHARATHA NATYAM dances regularly under guidance of expert dance masters.
  • 1511 children undergone 10 day residential coaching in singing, dancing, acting, mimicry, miming etc., in 7 administrative regions.
  • Out of 16 old students who were trained in music and dance colleges, 4 got government jobs, 2 in  as cultural organizers, 1 in a private school and the rest are freelancers.
  • 635 cultural performances focusing on various social, health, developmental and environmental issues were given by team comprised of cultural organisers,  staff and local youth trained by the organization
  • A total of 934 youth were trained in batches by Cultural Team in singing, acting and dancing and they have been assisting in cultural work by means of participating in cultural performances and also in doing follow up of children in special cultural schools.
  • Special performances were given on the eve of Father Ferrer’s birth day on April 9th, Ecology Day, Anti-violence day, AIDS Day, International Women’s Day during the reference period.
  • 3 new cultural organizers were given training in DAPPU for 8 days in three phases.  Likewise 10 cultural organizers had successfully undergone training in KUCHIPUDI classical dance in six phases.
  • 12 cultural organizers are undergoing training in keyboard for 2 days every month.  Similarly training in Tabala also takes place on the same pattern.  This is to reduce the dependence on outside instrument players during awareness workshops and cultural performances.
  • A short film entitled SPANDINCHU.. SAYAM ANDINCHU was produced by Cultural Sector basically focusing on the need for carrying out good action for others.
  • An album entitled, ‘RDT KALA BRUNDA GEETHALU’ comprised of songs on Father Ferrer and general awareness songs was produced by the cultural sector
  • An exposure visit was organized for the Cultural sector team leaders to LUDHIANA in Punjab to see, learn and document the cultural events performed in the National, Inter-state and inter university youth festivals.
  • 208 youth were trained in RAM LAKHAN drums.  Each team consists of 13 members and they earn an average of Rs.3600 per program (18 programs in a year).
  • Magic is used by staff in awareness performances and by children with hearing impairment.  4 cultural sector staff and one student of BK Samudram High School for hearing impaired are registered magicians in All India Magicians Association.

Sports :

SportsThe main aim of true education is to develop an all round personality of the child.  It means education should result in the mental, moral and physical development of child.  It is sad that present system of education lays stress on the mental development beyond tolerance without bothering about either physical or moral development.

Children become dull when we insist them to read without any play even during play hours.  It is for this reason many schools and colleges which turn out millions of educated youths every year who bear the stamps of degrees but whose personalities remain totally dull and undeveloped.

Unless sports and games along with health education become part of the curriculum of studies of children, it is futile to expect mental, moral & physical development.

Ever since its inception in 2002, the ‘Sports Centre’ now emerging as ‘Ananthapuram Sports Academy (ASA) is one of the best venues having modern amenities and infrastructure and equipment base which are on par with national & international standards.

It has an extent of 32 acres of land located at the outskirts of Ananthapuram Town adjacent to the National Highway.  It is 2 Km away from the Central Office.  It is surrounded by good vegetation with a natural stream flowing adjoining the Sports Centre.   As it is away from town it is freed from pollution & traffic disturbance.  The whole sports centre was covered with fencing to prevent entry of animals and strangers into the campus.  Some of the highlights of the Sports Academy include:

Infrastructure & Facilities:

  • It has two cricket grounds, one ground for football and one ground for hockey.
  • It has 400 mts. X 8 mts lane Athletic Track
  • It has 4 turf, 1 synthetic turf and 2 matting nets for the required practice sessions.
  • There is one Dormitory consisting of 16 rooms which accommodate 300 basic level age group competitors.
  • The Sports Centre has a fully equipped Gymnasium to cater the requirements of various athletes of different disciplines.
  • It has an exclusive Hockey Academy for boys and girls with an intake of 25 students each, football and cricket academy for boys.
  • Nadal Education cum Sports Coaching Centre also exists in the same campus

One of the highlights of sports during 2013-14 was 21 special athletes comprised of 11 girls and 10 boys represented India in the Asia Pacific Special Games in New Castle, Australia and won 10 gold, 14 silver and 2 bronze medals for India.  There is a coaching centre for training children with intellectual disabilities in Special Olympics at Sports Coaching Centre located at Bhathalapalli.

Hockey Academy:

Boys’ hockey academy comprised of 25 members won the JUDE FELIX Invitation Tournament in November 2013 and they also won under-14 AP School Games Championship at Ananthapuram in the same month.  They are also the winners of under 15-PYKKA State Championship held in Hyderabad in December 2013 and emerged as runners at under 17 AP School Games Championship in Adilabad in October 2013.  12 tournaments and coaching camps were held at Boys Hockey Academy during the reference year.

The hockey Academy for Girls were the winners-up in 8 competitions such as PYKKA  State Championship, Hyderabad, KSHA Inter Schools Championship, Bangalore, AP Senior Women Championship at KADAPA, Rayalaseema Championship, RDT Invitation Championship, AP District Junior Championship and RDT League held at  Ananthapuram, In both Under-17 and Under-14 State level championship they were the runners-up.

There are 25 high schools to which hockey materials were provided and they also play in the hockey league matches every year.  There are 2 visiting coaches who will visit the schools regularly and extend support to physical education teachers.  There are 34- regular hockey players in each school.  In addition there are 13 schools in the other Rayalaseema districts which are supported by the organization and these include 4 schools in Kurnool, 4 in Chittoor and 5 in Kadapa.


For the first time RDT Rural Cricket Tournament was organized for girls in June 2013.  27 teams participated at central level and SV PURAM team won the inaugural championship.

340 cricket teams (Boys) participated at area level cricket tournament and of them 31 teams representing each operational area played at central rural cricket tournament.  VALMIKI High School, KADIRI had achieved hat trick by lifting the trophy for the 3rd time in a row.

Three students from Cricket Academy, Ananthapuram Sports Village played for U-19 Andhra Team, U-16 Andhra Team and AP School Team.  There are 12 coaching centres which are training 506 students in cricket.  Important cricket events hosted include 2 RANJI Trophy matches.  These are Andhra v/s Jammu Kashmir and Andhra v/s Assam during November 2013.

120 students are regularly undergoing training in TENNIS at Nadal Tennis Centre.  2 new courts were inaugurated.  One of the girls, PALLAVI became the 1st title winner at AITA Talent Series held in Nandyal, Kurnool district in February 2014.  The centre hosted 4 AITA tournaments during the year and our children played in 6 AITA events outside.

Ana Maria (Rafa’s Mother) and Maria Francisca (Rafa’s girl friend) visited the Tennis Centre during October 2013.  They also visited RAPTHADU Village and Old town Government High School, Ananthapuram town from where children attend Tennis Coaching Centre.  Apart from Tennis, the children are also taught English and Computer classes. 2 coaches from Spain and 3 from India have trained children.


There is a football academy comprised of 36 boys.  The highlights during 2013-14 include the following:

  • Academy teams were runners-up in inter collegiate tournament in Secunderabad.  Two representing the academy received best scorer (Ananda Reddy) and best goal keeper (Srikanth).
  • 2 boys played for Andhra Pradesh at AP PYKKA Championship which won 3rd place in the national championship.

Rural Sports Coaching Centres:

There are two rural sports cum education coaching centres located at Atmakur and Bhathapalli.  In all 338 rural students comprised of 234 boys and 104 girls are undergoing training in sports and games in these two centres.  They are getting trained in cricket, football, Kabaddi and Kho-Kho.  One of the students by name Khadervali from Athmakur captained U-16 district cricket team and was awarded Man of the Series in 2013 rural cricket tournament.   In Girls Rural Cricket Tournament also two girls namely Sravani and Sandhya got best bowleer and best fielder titles.


The JUDO sport is doing well in the district.  Ananthapuram got 1 place in the State Sub Junior Championship for girls while 2nd place in boys’ events in August 2013. In all 10 gold medals and 5 silver medals were bagged by the students supported by .  The organization hosted national inter state championship in March 2014.  Ananthapuram district also bagged 7 gold, 4 silver and 6 bronze medals in the state junior championship in Khammam in October 2013.


Program Director, Mr.Moncho Ferrer has been elected as the President of the State Softball Association.  Ananthapuram district boys won sub junior state championship in October 2013.

New site for sports centre:

The government had assigned 10 acres of land for developing mini-sports centre in Dharmavaram Mandal headquarters.  This was based upon the initiative of Local Member of State Legislative assembly.