RDT Sets up its base in AP State Capital

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RDT Sets up its base in AP State Capital

RDT has set up its base in VIJAYAWADA on 1st June 2015, the new capital city of residual Andhra Pradesh State comprised of 13 districts with a dual objective of initiating need based programs of welfare and development in the slums and suburban parts of the city and popularize SEVA HUNDI concept as part of promoting India for India Program.   There is a hope to have good response from local corporate /private colleges and high schools to set up SEVA HUNDIS in their institutions.   The captions, “SPANDINCHU SAYAM ANDINCHU’ (Let your hearts respond and hands help), “Small Coins bring a big Change”, “Small drops… make a big ocean’, “Save a penny… Share to rejoice’” Each one… Reach One’” are inspiring all sections of people especially youth.

“Good Action Unites

Interested volunteers would be identified in each institution to motivate others and take the true spirit of the program to as many as possible.  Small group meetings are conducted in selected apartments to explain about RDT and the impact of its program interventions and the contextual background of India for India Program.

GRAAMA PRAGATHI PURASKARAM by Dr.PINNAMANENI & Smt.SEETHADEVI Foundation, VIJAYAWADA, SPOORTHI Award given by the BOMMIDALA SRI KRISHNA MURTHY Foundation and UGADI Puraskar Award given by the State Government of Andhra Pradesh in recognition of the services of RDT have an added advantage to set up its base in the capital city.  The article on SEVA HUNDI movement published in leading Telugu Newspapers on the eve of the birthday of Father Vincent Ferrer has also inspired many persons/institutions and some of them have invited RDT team members to come to their apartments/institutions to share the concept of SEVA HUNDI and are coming forward to set up individual Hundis.  Each one who is inspired by the spirit of SEVA HUNDIS is motivating friends and relatives in his/her circle and is contributing to further strengthen it in the areas where RDT has not implemented any programs earlier.

The motivation behind SEVA HUNDI is very much appreciated by many people in parts of coastal Andhra Pradesh including those who read the article in newspaper and seen RDT’s works in television channels.   The decision to spend the amount collected through HUNDIS on Orphan Children’s Education is very much liked by one and all.  The team has planned a few visits to Government as well as Corporate institutions including colleges/high schools, hospitals and business/industrial establishments which would strengthen the base of our organization.

It has also been decided to take up few programs in needy slums of the city.   Already three orphan children from Machalipatnam, Kandukuru and Eluru are covered under the orphan children’s education scheme.   RDT believes in good actions which are carried out for the poor and needy to improve their quality of life and supporting them to live with human dignity.