RDT aims to achieve gender equality and justice, and facilitates women not only to improve socially and economically but also to fight against gender-based discrimination and violence. It sees women as potential agents of social change by claiming equal rights and entitlements in all spheres of development, as well as equal voice in civil and political life. Much focus is on the capacity building of SHGs/Networks of women for their transformation leading to improved quality of life.

6,980 rural women availed Rs.9,60,53,920 WDF (Women’s Development Fund) Loan to undertake income generating enterprises during 2015-16

8,300 rural women trained in vocational skills engaged in income enhancement livelihoods

1,938 persons accessed counselling and support services through 6 counselling centres

85 women/girls accessed the services of Shelter Home functioning at Bhathalapalli

30,323 men/women were sensitised on gender and related issues through awareness and capacity building trainings