RDT primarily emphasises on the education of children, especially girls belonging to poor rural communities, since its inception. It not only aims at providing access to quality education that prevents their dropout due to socio-economic factors but also enhances their scope to get gainful employment and improved status in society.

Capacity building of 25,896 CDC (Community Development Committees) through trainings to independently manage children’s educationthrough Supplementary Schools

Meritorious students belonging to poor communities accessing quality education under ‘Education Special Scholarship Programme’

176 students accessed training in foreign languages in Professional School

583 orphan children accessing quality education - Residential Private Schools - with the help of SEVA HUNDI amount raised under ‘INDIA for India’ Initiative

18,729 rural students accessed bicycles for continuity of high school education

19,644 students availed Education Grants for pursuing Higher/Professional/Technical Courses