Enriching fields yard by yard

Ananthapuram district is in the arid agro-ecological zone with an annual average rainfall of 522 mm. The district does not fully benefit from either of the monsoons as it lies in the rain shadow region. Rainfall is not only erratic but is also unevenly distributed, causing a negative effect on crop productivity. Hence, RDT has been making efforts to transform the semi-desert land into a land capable of sustaining its population and to sensitise people to live in harmony with natural resources contributing to sustainable livelihoods, ecological regeneration and environment development.

3,116 water bodies built to facilitate harvesting of rainwater and recharging of ground water resources

31,181 hectares of land belonging to 25,677 farmers covered under micro irrigation systems

84,43,109 fruit plants planted by farmers with support from RDT as part of crop diversification

7,170 improved varieties of Milch Cattle (cross-bred Jersey & Murrah Buffaloes) for sustainable livelihood

449 solar irrigation sets installed and commissioned for tapping ground water resources for irrigation purpose

76,58,200 forest species/plants either planted or dibbled as part of afforestation program