community-based rehabilation
Community-Based Rehabilation

Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) are one of the most vulnerable groups exposed to various forms of discrimination and social exclusion. This not only prevents them from exercising their rights and freedom but also makes it difficult for them to participate in the process of their own development. Hence, RDT’s programme for PWDs aims at their integrated development by combining institutionbased and community-based rehabilitation approaches.

2,631 children with disabilities pursuing primary and secondary education (Special/Regular) in RDT and Government Institutions

1,131 children with disabilities accessed rehabilitation and therapeutic services both at field and RDT Institutions

56,234 assistive devices made accessible to PWDs for improved mobility to carry out daily routines/livelihoods

2,784 members accessed loans from both Government and RDT for undertaking income enhancement enterprises

2,038 PWDs accessed surgical and rehabilitative support for improved mobility

677 adolescent girls/women with disabilities trained by RDT to involve in home-based and centre-based production of handicrafts products