Let Your Hearts respond

Helping others is not a right, but a privilege

If we join hands we will transform this world

To help the poor, the sky is the limit.

No good action is lost in this world. Somewhere it will last forever.

The formula for eradicating poverty is simple; share.

The India for India initiative aims to
mobilise citizens and institutions in India to fight poverty and marginalisation
and, in doing so, supplement and reinforce the efforts of the
Rural Development Trust in the Ananthapuramu district of Andhra Pradesh.

The movement

There are many today who draw inspiration from the messages of Father Ferrer, who talked about how good action for the poor and needy were always likely to yield good results, especially when undertaken by strong-willed yet caring persons. Father Ferrer also believed, and so do others today, that good actions are cumulative; many such actions snowball into a bigger one. It was this latter principle that is directly behind the initiative of a SEVA HUNDI which in essence is the multiplying of tiny acts of goodwill over time and population.

“Spandinchu Sayam Andinchu” – Let your hearts respond and hands help - the slogan of this effort, which began in a few project villages in 2012 but has today, in its third year, has spread to villages and towns well outside our project areas. And all along, it has been the rural poor who have pitched in the most, letting meagre savings collect annually into significant amounts which, on their suggestion, are used to educate orphaned children. This humble household SEVA HUNDI now underpins the entire India for India movement.


Importance of the movement

The SEVA HUNDI initiative has been unique in that it is the poor who, despite their own difficult circumstances, suggested pooling together their meagre savings for a good cause. This cause, also chosen unanimously by them, was educating orphan children. Accordingly, RDT ensured that all their educational and personal needs were financed as required. Thus far, about 701 children are benefiting from this programme at various educational levels from Standard I to degree courses, at a total cost of INR 4,08,32,618 so far.

An additional initiative also funded by the India for India initiative is the provision of nutritious food to pregnant and lactating mothers, and children under five, among the Chenchu tribes living in the Nallamala forest area in Srisailam region. As of July, 2016, around 5,550 people across 232 villages have received food through this initiative.


Children Benefited

Collection from SEVA HUNDIS


Areas of activity

Rural Development Trust's activities extends to 3,581 villages located in six districts of what are today the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Our project area is administratively divided into 8-Regions namely Bukkarayasaumdram (BKS), Bhathalapalli, Kadiri, Srisailam, Kalyandurg, Uravakonda, Adoni and Madakasira. The organisation is headquartered in Ananthapuramu, Andhra Pradesh.

The legacy continues

  • 1969-70

    Father Vicente Ferrer and Sister Anne Ferrer founded Rural Development Trust, popularly called RDT

  • 1970-75

    Implemented Food-for-Work Programme with funding from CASA (wells/nutrition centre/leprosy centre, housing and began collaboration with EED/ICCO)

  • 1976-78

    Started Community Health, Community Organisation and Land Development programmes

  • 1978

    Initiated Sponsorship programme with Action Aid; Began Education and Cultural programmes

  • 1982

    Launched Women sector

  • 1985

    Collaborated with Aide et Accion (AeA); sponsorship programme

  • 1987

    Began Community-based Rehabilitation (CBR) and Ecology Programmes

  • 1993

    Constituted Women's core team; Origin of CBR institutions

  • 1995

    Launched Fundacion Vicente Ferrer (FVF) in Spain

  • 2000-06

    Upgraded Rural Hospitals

  • 2002

    Originated Sports Village and Upgraded Sports programmes

  • 2004

    Inaugurated RDT School of Nursing

  • 2006

    Started Care and Support Centre for HIV/AIDS patients

  • 2010

    Set up base in SRISAILAM Region to work with CHENCHU Tribess

  • 2012

    Launched Resource Mobilisation Centre in Mumbai; Started Shelter Home for women and initiated SEVA HUNDIS as part of the India for India Programme

  • 2013

    Opened two orphanage centres for children with HIV/AIDS

  • 2014

    Reinitiated strategic planning

About the organisation

Founded in 1969 as the Rural Development Trust in Andhra Pradesh’s Ananthapuramu (formerly Anantapur) district – which is the second-driest district in India and thus drought prone. RDT keeps alive the life and struggle of a man who dedicated his life to redressing poverty and social injustice. Father Vicente Ferrer, as he is known, used to say that good action for the poor and needy were always likely to yield good results; this has been amply validated by the results of the decades of work done by RDT not only in and around Ananthapuramu, but also in other districts of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

The ambit of the RDT’s activities requires close cooperation with governments as well as corporations, which necessitates greater scrutiny and transparency in our working. This has been managed successfully, even as we seek to expand and reach the poor and needy all over the country. We have also kept ourselves dynamic in our work, moulding our approach as per the changing needs and aspirations of the poor and needy in order to actively support them in obtaining the essentials for living. All this while, we have continuously enabled individuals and communities to be the major stakeholders in their own development.

Voices from the field

A few kind words from the children whose lives were uplifted by the RDT

Get Involved

The people who want to take a step towards improving the lives of the needy through the SEVA HUNDI initiative are requested to get in touch with the Rural Development Trust, and get the relevant information. Each donor establishes a SEVA HUNDI and registers himself/herself with the Rural Development Trust as an associate with the India for India campaign, and promises to personally donate the collected amount. Each day, the donor can put in a feasible contribution into the SEVA HUNDI. Every year on Father Ferrer’s birthday, that is April 9, the SEVA HUNDIS will be opened, and the collected contribution is deposited directly into the earmarked bank account. Depending on the donor's, a new SEVA HUNDI may be established the next day itself, and he/she can register afresh.

You can write a cheque in the name of “Rural Development Trust” and send it to our Registered Office or Resource Mobilisation Center. You can also donate online or wire transfer to the following account details: Bank Name: IDBI, Account Name: Rural Development Trust, Account Number: 0208104000122993, IFS Code: IBKL0000208, Branch Name: Ananthapuramu, Andhra Pradesh.

All donations to RDT are eligible for tax exemption under section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Start transforming lives

Start saving for India! Start your SEVA HUNDI!

If you wish to donate, please fill in your personal information hereunder to pledge the same;
we look forward to receiving your donation subsequent to April 9 next year!

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