D. Jubeda Begum, Raketla village, Uravakondamandalam.

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D. Jubeda Begum, Raketla village, Uravakondamandalam.

Community Based Rehabilitation – PROGRAMMES FOR WOMEN AND CHILDREN

Representing the country at such a global platform was a great feat for us. I had never even imagined that we would win such praises!

Sheik Fakrunnisha of Vepamanipeta village, Talupula Mandal and Kappala Revathi from Kunukutla village of Tadimarri Mandal suffer from mental disability. However, as part of their respective Mandals, they were motivated to join RDT’s schools and take equal part in the extra-curricular activities. The sports trainers at RDT identified the talent for athletics in both these girls. Both Sheik Fakrunnisha and Kappala Revathi showed exceptional talent for athletics and racing despite their intellectual

Fortunately for Sheik Fakrunnisha and Kappala Ravathi, RDT was already working on conducting intensive coaching and training for disabled children as its centers. This had happened previously as RDT had put up the infrastructure for training centers and encouraged participation of disabled children in various tournaments and games at state and district levels.

After Sheik Fakrunnisha and Kappala Revathi were identified as talented athletes by their coaches, they were sent for training to a special team that focused on scaling up the sports initiatives to an international level. This special team worked under the overall guidance and supervision of the director of CBR/Disability Sector. Both girls were among the select disabled children that underwent training at RDT Sports Coaching Centre located at Bhathalapalli.

Both Sheik Fakrunnisha and Kappala Revathi underwent training at RDT-Special Olympics Bharat, Andhra Pradesh and then went on to represent India in the World Summer Games that were held in Athens in June 2011 and made the country proud as they won 1 gold medal and 2 silver in 200 mts, 400 mts and relays.