Success Stories


The chenchu children of Lingala and Achampeta mandals recollect how India for India movement helped them to go to school

21 chenchu orphan children were one day pleasantly surprised to find themselves in Oxford Model School at Achampeta. These children had no parents and they never dreamt that they will ever be educated. But India for India movement had other ideas. The household hundi program initiated by RDT in 2012 has steadily but surely increased into a big movement. After 5 years, the latest annual collection on Father Ferrer Jayanthi on April 9, 2017 is more than 5 crores of rupees. RDT has already been educating orphan children for the last 5 years. But for the first time it has embraced chenchu children of Srisailam region this year.  Totally 6 girls and 15 boys are studying at Achampeta. They are getting books, cloths, fees and accommodation freely. What is more, the school management appointed Madhavi, a special teacher to teach them daily living and relationship skills. She also helps them in their study before and after school. When children were asked what they would become when they grow up, Siva said that he wants to become a policeman and Nirmala would become a doctor and Suramma a teacher and Pooja a doctor. “Until now, we had no one of our own. But the people who collected money through hundis and RDT who admitted us in this school are our true parents. We will be grateful to them all our life. When we grow up, we will also help others in the same way,” say the children.


Madugula Bhavani from RDT Hockey Academy is selected for International Youth Academy in New Delhi.

Madugula Bhavani is the daughter of Babu Rao and Varalakshmi of Yalamanchili village near Visakhapatnam. Bhavani’s parents are daily wage labourers. After she entered her village high school she began to develop interest in the sport of Hockey. Her physical education teacher taught her the basics of the game. She performed well in mandal level tournaments. Recognizing her exceptional talent, RDT admitted her in its Hockey Academy under other districts quota. She excels equally in both attack and defence. She represented the state of Andhra Pradesh in both under 16 and under 19 categories. She played in 8 under 19 and, 3 under 16 tournaments at different parts of India like Jharkhand, Chattisgadh, Haryana, Tamil Nadu and Madhya Pradesh. She scored as many as 40 goals. She is recognized by her academy mates as hardworking and strong willed. In 2017, Hockey India selected her to join International Youth Academy in New Delhi. This will be an excellent opportunity for her to play at the international level. Let us hope we will see her soon in India colors.


RDT is providing assistance for livelihoods for widows of farmers who lost their lives due to mental agony caused by the burdens of agriculture

B. Aruna and her husband Sudhakar lived in N.Venkatampalli near Kundurpi in Anantapur district. Sadly, Sudhakar was burdened with many agricultural debts. He went through great mental stress and died with heart disease 3 years ago. Aruna is left with a 3 years old son. She had no other option but to sell to 2 acres out of their land of 4 acres. She was very depressed. At that time RDT’s ecology sector came to her rescue. They consoled her and gave her a tailoring machine and some cloth. Now she is earning some money and is about to send her son to school. She says that the same neighborhood which looked down on her, is now eating her with respect.


The story of Sakamma

“I did not know that I had cervical cancer. There were not even any symptoms. I only had occasional red discharge. I did not taking seriously. But RDT health staff came to my village and conducted an awareness workshop on the health of the uterus and also examined us. Biopsy reported that I was suffering from cervical cancer. I was afraid and felt very sad. I wondered as to what mistake I committed to get this cancer. But the doctors consoled me by saying that it had nothing to do with any mistakes and that it could happen to any woman. I went to Bathalapalli hospital where I was told that I needed a surgery or chemotherapy. They told me come back a month later. My husband and I became very anxious. We were worried for our family as it depended on me a lot. So we hastened and went to Kidwai Memorial Hospital in Bangaluru. I received chemotherapy for 3 months. After that I went for a checkup every 3 months. Now I am perfectly healthy. RDT’s early detection, examination and treatment program for cancers in women is a very big program covering many rural poor women like me. Obviously, it has been a big help for me and my family. Had I not discovered it in its early stages, I would have been in great danger. I advise all women to regularly check themselves for possible cancers in women.”


The story of Veeranjaneyulu

“I am Veeranjaneyulu from a village near Bathalapalli. My parents admitted me in a junior college after my class 10. But I left the college and became a slave to smoking and drinking. I wandered with my bad friends like a rowdy. I used to harass my parents for money and party with my friends. My parents felt very sad and pleaded with me to change my life but in vain. All my neighbors hated me. they got me married with the hope that marriage will bring a change in me. My wife is a good girl but even she could not change me. Then I had the opportunity to join RDT’s driving school. This training not only gave me driving skills but also taught me discipline and character. Suddenly all my faults appeared in front of my eyes. I cried in repentance. I came out with my driving license but those who knew me did not employ me. Finally it was RDT again which gave me a driver’s job. That gave me confidence. Now I was determined to help my family. I deposited Rs. 1 lakh in a bank. I took a bank loan of Rs. 4 lakhs and bought a ‘Bolero’ vehicle. I gave it on hire to a windmills company and driving it myself. I have cleared the bank loan and am earning Rs. 13,000/- per month. I supported my wife to learn tailoring and she is earning Rs. 200/- per day. My parents are delighted and my two children are going to school.”


A boy who never got into a train becomes an officer in the Railways.

“I am Pala Suresh from Daburavaripalli in Anantpaur district. In my childhood I used to look at trains with wonder, because I never had an opportunity to travel by a train. It was like a dream. My family was very poor. My parents, my brother, sister and I lived together. Since my parents were poor, they could not send us to any expensive private schools. But I somehow had the fortune to study in a government residential school at Lepakshi. Having seen all the hardships from my childhood, I really work hard and studied well. I got 93% marks in SSC and 95% in Intermediate. I appeared for EAMCET and secured 75th rank and studied electronic and communication engineering in JNTU, Hyderabad. And then I went on to complete M.Tech. in IIT, Mumbai. Thereafter, I got 16th rank in Indian Engineering Service. My dream has come true. I joined the Railway training center in signal engineering and telecommunications. Today I am working as a signal engineer in Vijayawada Railway Station. It is because of RDT’s sponsorship and education program. I call upon the upcoming generation of young people to have a goal in life and work hard to achieve it.”