Balachandra Patlur Village Vidapanakallu Mandal in Ananthapuramu District

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Balachandra Patlur Village Vidapanakallu Mandal in Ananthapuramu District

Community Based Rehabilitation – Medical Rehabilitation

I never thought I would be able to attend school or even walk properly. Today, I am leading a normal life-all thanks to RDT and the doctors.”

Balachandra was born to Boya Sunkanna and Anjinamma. At the age of eight Balachandra accidentally fell under an ox and injured his knee. His parents presumed it to be a minor injury and neglected immediate medical action. However, after 4 days, the injury became severe. While he was taken to a doctor’s Balachandra could only crawl because of his injury. His parents had to carry him to school.

Eventually, Balachandra’s parents were able to get better medical attention but due to lack of movement of the knee and nerve damage, Balachandra could not walk normally and needed to support his knee by keeping his hand over it. Despite surgeries, there was no progressive movement in his leg.

On the insistence of the Sanghammembers, Balachandra’s parents enrolled him at the Pre-Assessment Camp conducted by RDT in the year 2010. The Spanish doctors in the team examined Balachandar and advised advanced surgery for his knee. However, Boya Sunkanna and Anjinamma hesitated taking action since they felt this would involve money transactions which they could not afford.

The parents had to be persuaded that this would be a free of cost surgery and were asked to give their permission for the medical treatment. The Sangham played a vital role in persuading the family. Eventually, Balachandra’s surgery was performed at the RDT hospital at Bathalapalli. Due to successful surgery and physiotherapy, Balachandra was able to walk without any support.