Rural Development Trust

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Mission of RDT

  • To eradicate extreme poverty and human suffering
  • To work towards implementing eco-efficient agriculture that ensures the sustainability of livelihoods and encourages a harmony between human beings and natural resources.
  • To ensure that educated youth from poor families have diversified job opportunities fetching a decent salary and according an improved status in society.
  • To ensure that persons with disabilities have access to equal opportunities and are the main actors in their struggle to lead a life of quality and dignity.
  • To work towards the empowerment of women by helping improve their socioeconomic status and sensitizing both men and women to deal with such issues as gender discrimination and violence.
  • To be a value-based professional organization being dynamic and creative in nature, untiring in hard work and motivation, humanistic in approach, strong in its commitment to share the aspirations and struggles of the poor and permanent in time but flexible to adapt to the changing needs of people.